The Human Capital Management category has officially launched on SOAapps.

View HCM Press Release.

SOAapps to feature core and strategic HCM SaaS solutions as well as employee productivity tools – such as employee portals that improve communication and collaboration. Businesses have historically used core human resource (HR) software systems for personnel administration to process payroll, track employee records and manage benefits. Now, a new generation of HR software is available to serve more strategic purposes, such as recruiting, training, motivating and developing employees. Core and strategic HCM software solutions improve the productivity of human resource administrators as well as managers and employees through self-service access to key information and business processes. Collaborative employee portals further improve productivity by enabling on demand access to enterprise-wide applications, information and resources. Employee portals provide anytime, anywhere access to information, people and processes to accelerate decision-making and enhance individual and corporate performance.

“SaaS prominence initially began with customer relationship management (CRM).

However, HCM is now the hottest category – rising more than twice as fast as business software overall. The increasing adoption of HCM is quickly following by content, communication and collaboration applications (CCC). The rising adoption rates are understandable since HCM software is used by all employees and CCC software is used more broadly by all stakeholders, unlike CRM, which is primarily used by customer service and sales”.

Robert Breza – RBC Capital Markets, Principal SaaS Analyst

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